Here's Hope Horse Farm

The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man...

Here's Hope Horse Farm, a therapeutic riding facility for those with special needs, was incorporated February 23, 2004.  In the barn setting, equine facilitated activities and riding provide powerful tools for building self awareness, self esteem, and self responsibility.  Interactions incorporate the power of the horse, skilled care by a North American Riding for the Handicapped (NARHA) certified instructor, and the hopes, dreams and challenges of the person working with the horse.

Our farm setting and horses place these children and adults in situations that make them feel capable and competent.  They can feel strong enough to meet their particular challenges or limitations.  The majesty and power of the relationship to the horse offers a unique and profound way to find this kind of empowerment.

About Us

Here's Hope Horse Farm is an organization which fosters safe, profesesional, ethical, spiritual and therapeutic equine activities, as well as training for the Equine Special Olympics.  We accomplish this through education, communication, standards and research for children and young adults with special needs. 


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